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30 days 50 km

You are not sure if an ebike suits you? We firmly believe in it and have therefore prepared something that will convince you. 

Or Book a Test Ride in one of these cities:

Barcelona, Hannover, Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux or Strasbourg.

How is the process?

We guarantee you an extensive test ride with our e-bikes. If you are not sure whether an ebike is for you, we give you the chance to do a detailed test. We give you 30 days and 50 kilometers to do an extensive everyday test. Use it on the way to work or for a nice bike ride, it's up to you. We show you how that works here:

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If you are happy, we are happy too! Have fun with your new e-bike. All time good ride.

Not happy?

Something you didn't like so much? No problem. Just contact us and send the ebike back to us.

Which ebike type are you?

You like rough paths and off-road terrain?  Or do you love to be flexible and speed through the city? We have the right thing for you.