Try before you buy

Take a Legend for a test ride

You can test our bikes in our showrooms or partner shops. We offer free trials in several cities in Spain, Germany and France.

In addition, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Receive your bike fully assembled and adjusted.

  • A professional will teach you the operation and maintenance of your new bike.

  • You can manage after-sales service from the store. 

Choose a test point below, enter your details, and we will organize a local test at your convenience.


Legend eBikes

  •  C/Industria 60 Nº5, Ripollet

  • Available models : ETNA, MILANO, MONZA, SIENA


Legend eBikes GmbH

  •  Haltenhoffstraße 36

  • Available models : ETNA, MILANO, MONZA, SIENA

Paris 11e

Repair and run – Voltaire

  •  64 Boulevard Voltaire

  • Available models : ETNA, SIENA

Or  Try a Legend 30 days 50 km

Your city does not appear in the list above? We give you 30 days and 50 kilometers to do an extensive everyday test.