Etna SR

When we say Legend Etna we are talking about a model that is practically unique in its kind. One of the most versatile electric MTB on the market that adapts to all terrains and publics.

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A real all-rounder. With a RockShox suspension fork, hydraulic Shimano M-315 disc brakes and a 11-speed SRAM derailleur.

WARNING | LEGEND ETNA 500W: The 500W version is designed mainly for off-road use and for road use on uncoated surfaces.

MAHLE Smartbike®

Take absolute control of your Smart eBike and the environment around you thanks to the MAHLE Smartbike system and its joystick with Bluetooth connection to MAHLE MySmartbike App.

Up to 80-100 km Range*

36V integrated Li-ION battery , available in two capacities: 10.4Ah (up to 80km*) and 14Ah (up to 100km*).  Fast charge in less than 6 hours.

Reinforced AL folding frame

Ultra-fast folding takes less than 5 seconds, perfect for easy transportation or storage in a corner of the house.

High quality components

Equipped with full suspension with Rockshox XC30 fork and KS Kind Shock A5 shock absorber, IP-67 waterproof connectors and Revoshift rotating handle.

Mountain eBike

The Etna has been designed for all kind of terrains. Choose between the 250W (40Nm, up to 25 km/h) or the 500W (70Nm, up to 42Km/h) engines. 

Dimensions & weight

Ideal for people that weigh less than 100 kg and measuring between 1.70 and 1.95 m. Weight with battery: 21.5 - 23 kg. Dimensions unfolded | folded: 108 x 187 x 65 cm | 106 x 92 x 67 cm.

              * Maximum Range according to the battery capacity. Tests performed on a flat course without stopping, a temperature of 20 °C and a 70 kg rider.


AL 6061 T6 reinforced aluminum folding frame, which reduces the space of the electric bicycle significantly with measures of just one meter.



The detachable lithium-ion battery provides the necessary power for long trips at full performance. This is equipped with lithium ion cells from Panasonic, one of the leading manufacturers in this field.


Powerful Motor

For the first time you can choose between two engines. 250W / 40Nm for riding on public roads and a choice of 500W / 70Nm, up to 42Km/h.

Hydraulic disc


An eBike flies, so with the hydraulic disc brakes you will stop just when you need it, at the right time.

Full suspension

Its full suspension with Rockshox XC30 fork and the KS Kind Shock A5 damper with 160mm travel will work together and in perfect synchrony so that you will float.




Maxxis Pace

The Maxxis Pace 27.5″ tires have a profile that provides optimum grip on the track without compromising the rolling on the asphalt. In combination with the full suspension, the duo ensures a safe ride and maximum performance on any terrain.





Mudguard, rear carrier, stem-advance… Everything was selected and designed specifically for Etna. Equip it and choose from the variety of accessories available.


MAHLE Smartbike

MAHLE Smartbike® electrical system for an absolute control of the bike and the surroundings. This is a German technology developed to merge the bike with its user.



MySmartbike APP

The iWoc joystick on the electric bike has 5 buttons and 10 LEDs indicating the basics: battery status and level of assistance. With this, the electrical system can work by itself. If you want to access the endless features provided by MAHLE MySmartbike, download and install the free APP in your IOS/Android device and link it to the bike through the Bluetooth module included in the joystick.

From your personal cloud, you will be able to see all the information regarding your ebike tour: maximum, minimum and average speed, calories consumed, altitude, route difficulty, detailed times, etc.

Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and more.

Available for the following operating systems :

Some components may not exactly match the description or pictures (due to current worldwide supply difficulties) and may be replaced by other components of equivalent or higher range.

User size

Recommended for riders  170-195 cm.

Supports up to  100 kg.

The rack (sold separately) supports up to 27 kg.


  • Legend 250W GEARED 1:4.5 Ratio 40Nm or Legend 500W GEARED 1:4.5 Ratio 70Nm

  • Boost torque: 40 Nm or 70 Nm

  • Maximum Speed: 25 km/h or 43 km/h

  • 4 Power levels


  • 32 pulses BB integrated speed sensor

Battery & Range

  • 36V 10,4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic | Up to 80 km **

  • 36V 14 Ah Panasonic | Up to 100 km **

  • 48V 10.5Ah Panasonic (500W)


  • iWoc Bluetooth SCI* by MAHLE Ebikemotion


  • SCU* by MAHLE Ebikemotion


  • HIGO IP67 Waterproof

APP Ebikemotion

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

  • OS Compatibility: iOS and Android

  • Device Compatibility: Smartphone and Smartwatch


  • Maxxis PACE 650B 2.10

Disc Brakes

  • Hydraulic disc SHIMANO M315


  • AL 6061 T6 Folding




  • Sold separately


  • Sold separately


  • Velo PLUSH VL-3389


  • Weight with battery: 21.5 - 23 kg

  • Battery weight: 2.3 - 2.5 kg


  • Unfolded: 108 x 186 x 65 cm

  • Folded; 106 x 92 x 67 cm | Folded with "Stem Byschultz": 106 x 92 x 42 cm

  • Frame: 51 cm

  • Axis to axis distance: 116 cm

  • Min-max saddle height: 89-110 cm

  • Tyres: 27.5" | Tyre width: 2.10"

Some components may not exactly match the description or pictures (due to current worldwide supply difficulties) and may be replaced by other components of equivalent or higher range.Don't write about products or services here, write about solutions.

*SCU (Smart Control Unit) SCI (Smart Control Interface).

**Range according to battery capacity. Tests carried out in flat course, without stops, with temperature of 20ºC and weight of the cyclist of 70Kgs.


We trust in our quality, which is why we offer a two-year guarantee on all components of the eBike, except for consumables. However, we are aware that despite all the smart functions and all the power, an eBike is still a bicycle and therefore an object of daily use that needs to be looked after in terms of longevity.

Further information on our warranty conditions can be found here.

Support and customer care 

Even with regular conscientious care, technical damage and defects cannot be completely ruled out. In such cases, our customer service is available to provide advice and assistance. 

In our Helpdesk you will find numerous hints for self-help. If this does not solve the problem, you can, of course, contact us directly. We are happy to answer incoming enquiries quickly, competently and in an uncomplicated manner. 

Customer care is for us the corner stone of a satisfied user.

One of the most frequent concerns  when buying an eBike online is about the brand responsiveness when issues happen. How will I be helped in the event of damage?

Well, eBikes are to be ridden, so our aim is getting you riding back safely as soon as possible. In the event of damage or defect, we have set up very simple processes depending on the issue: 

- Sending replacement parts.
- Bearing the repair costs by a third party near you when covered by warranty.
- Collection for repair.

Of course, we are aware that not every customer is an amateur mechanic, so spare parts are always sent together with easy-to-understand instructions. 

Try it for 30 days

Whatever eBike you may be thinking to purchase on our website comes with a free period of testing. After ordering one Legend eBike you can test ride it for up to 30 days or 50 km (whichever event occurs first). If the bike does not meet your expectations, we will gladly have it collected and refund the full purchase price.

You can find out more here.

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