10 reasons to ride an electric bicycle
You are thinking about getting an ebike? Here are 10 reasons that will convince you.

10 reasons to ride an electric bicycle

1. The electric bicycle is a very fast means of transportation.

They can transport us up to 25 km / h without any effort. In urban areas, they roll at an average speed of 19 km/h, which makes them the fastest means of transport in this context.

2. Electric bikes are very practical

They allow us to go further, on any type of terrain and regardless of our physical condition.

3. Adaptable

Electric bikes also have the advantage of allowing us to make the effort we want. If we want to sweat a little we can cut the assistance and, if what we want is to make the minimum effort, then we put it to the maximum.

4. Economic

The electric cost per 1000 km. traveled is less than 1 euro.

5. Healthy

It is proven. The practice of cycling daily, even if we talk about electric bikes, brings great benefits to our health and keeps us in shape.

6. Electric bikes are very easy to use.

Riding an electric bike for the first time does not require more than five minutes of learning to have all aspects under control.

7. Fluid circulation

With an electric bike, we can easily avoid traffic problems and traffic jams. It is also much easier to park a bike than a car, for example.

8. Autonomy

With a single charge you can do up to 100 km depending on the model of bike and, above all, the capacity of the battery. We will be able to go almost anywhere we want.

9. It does not leave us stranded

Even if we run out of battery, we can always reach our destination point pedaling as if it were a conventional bicycle.

10. No noise

An electric bicycle hardly makes any noise beyond the rattling of the freewheel of the sprocket, an almost imperceptible hum of the electric motor, and the pleasant sound of the tires on the asphalt.

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